Emily Tucker

What I Read in 2015

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The past couple years have been rough for my reading and this past year was slightly better than 2014. I started a lot of books but only finished 4. 

The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo

This book really helped our home and for us to really let go of stuff we no longer needed or really wanted. A few parts in the book are silly or are just not applicable to a family. I am continuously purging more items all the time. 

Paper Towns by John Green

I originally read the book in preparation to see the movie but still haven't seen it.. Oh well but I did enjoy the book. The characters feel slightly underdeveloped at some points, especially with Margo but I think that is on purpose to maintain her as more of a mystery.

The Fringe Hours by Jessica N. Turner

As a long time reader of Jessica's blog The Mom Creative I highly anticipated this book and feel it didn't disappoint but I still feel it was lacking in parts. Possibly because there isn't enough practicality to achieve using fringe hours and that Jessica does seem to do it all. I fully support the idea of fringe hours and embracing the things we are passionate about but much of our country doesn't understand that. 

French Women Don't Sleep Alone by Jamie Cat Callan

I will read basically anything about French culture and this just so happened to be on Kindle Unlimited. I enjoyed this book, I feel there are great points to apply to married people as well as singles.