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Still lusting after this. 


#foodgoals right there. I have the urge to replicate & just stare at this for hours.

Everything Apologia church & their different ministries put out is wonderful but now that they are in the nighttime "TV" realm they've become even better. It's not easy to be funny, God honoring plus earnestly call people out in one show. 


I've been very hesitant to jump fully on the essential oil bandwagon.. I only have a couple roll-ons that I got at Target for use on kids, which I love btw but I really love the way scent can effect my mood. These don't officially launch until next month but I'm thinking I want them all. A Beautiful Mess/Oui Fresh also have a new natural beauty box & other items launching this Fall. 

We just finished season 1 of Westworld! Soooo I normally hate AI movies, etc. but this is so different and a creepy wonderfulness. Plus such a killer cast, pun intended. I have a love/hate with HBO shows but this one was worth it. 


Crack in soup form. Our whole family devours and loves this stuff. Make it now.