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monthly wrap-up & goals

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this month:

july was crazy, busy, relaxing, stressful and wonderful. all at the same time but feeling so much peace and joy. leaving the bay area was by far the hardest and I think best decision we've ever made. it hurts our hearts to leave the area we were born & raised in but we are already making strides of progress and having tons of fun here. the pace of life is slower & simultaneously kinder than the bay. we have already spent time with my cousins twice this month, my mom came two weekends, we had our first date night, I had a ladies night in, and we attended a church that was enjoyed by the whole family. still sort of midway through unpacking & decorating. have to make an enjoyable/dreaded Ikea trip to hopefully finish up our home stuff needs. I haven't worked out all month but have been so busy and sweating that I haven't gained weight but I can tell my strength is lame right now. 


exercise daily - 30 min

write monthly blog content calendar 

1 hour decluttering/purging/unpacking daily - purge focus: clothes, crafts & toys

powersheets august prep

meal plan breakfasts & lunches & dinners - veryyyyy tired of eating out except Sonic cause its a love & addiction

get kids back into morning & bedtime routines

write new cleaning routine - more rooms = new schedule

get library cards

finalize homeschool plans for first 6 weeks 

make sure I have all supplies I will need for first couple weeks of school 

start school gently



bible daily - minimum 15 min

The Life Giving Home - 1 chapter a day

Stuck - for women's Bible study group

Dance, Stand, Run - for launch team



listen to podcasts while washing dishes & other tasks



proactive & less reactive



give me ideas! I'm soooo loathing cooking lately. I always feel uninspired in summer since I'm more a fall/winter cook.