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This summer quite possibly was filled with lots of media but mostly books plus some new fave products. I also lost 7 lbs & 11 inches this summer. I’m super surprised because it started off really slow in June. 



  • Evil Genius on Netflix - kind of a slow start but I liked how it finished.

  • Westworld is back with season 2 on HBO - love/hate this season. it feels like one of those seasons that just has to carry you to a great 3rd season, sophomore slump for sure..

  • I watched Ugly Delicious for a second time - in case you needed convincing on how good it is. Yes, I am a foodie and junkie of all things food knowledge, culture & history... so I'm extremely biased but it’s one of the best shows.

  • When I need to watch something that requires nothing from me, I watch Gossip Girl. Probably the 3rd or 4th time watching it plus I read the books so I'm well versed in the world.

  • The Bachelorette is back - I def felt bad for Becca K. at the end of Arie's season, which I had high hopes for since I thought he was great on The Bachelorette back in the day but oh how the mighty have fallen. His season on The Bachelor was almost garbage, he and Lauren, his now fiance, couldn’t be more boring. I got nothing from her that showed me that relationship was going anywhere. Now I don't necessarily think I would have picked Becca as the Bachelorette but so far the season has been entertaining and some of the guys feel like real contenders. Then the season slowed way down at the end. I skipped Bachelor in Paradise this year. I’m intrigued with Colton as the Bachelor but still wish it was Peter.

  • Staircase: I watched most of it on Netflix and was kinda bored by it and still have the last 2 episodes.

  • To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before: I will be watching this on repeat all fall/winter. It’s literally the best movie I’ve watched in a long time.



  • Buzzwordathon: brought to us by my fave booktuber, Booksandlala. this round was books with GIRL in the title. thank god I have a bunch on my tbr, still have yet to make it past few pages of Gone Girl. I just needed lighter fare plus I'm the worst at prioritizing reading fiction

  • Party Girl: 5 stars, a good fun, post college light romantic read. Not overly sexy and def more on the realistic side of romance.

  • Sweet Girl: 5 stars, slow start but then it was so great to see a girl discover her dreams and reluctantly fall in love.

  • Little House on the Prairie: 5 stars, this was a little sadder than I remembered from my reading as a kid. So much on the native american front that is almost hard to read. Knowing even the slightest backstory of how we completely ruined Native culture, makes this slightly sad to read. So good to have a child friendly story about western expansion and a journey that could have been potentially perilous. I however don't think is my favorite in the series. We are reading through the first few as our homeschool read aloud for this past school year and summer.

  • Smart Girl: This finished off the girls series and was so