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the beginnings of a love story♥

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From: .P TUCK. Date: May 9, 2007 11:24 PM

Thanks for the add. Hm, looks like we both rep a '94 honda.. thats pretty cool stuff i must say lol.

Hows life in San Lorenzo?

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From: emmers♥ Date: May 9, 2007 11:30 PM

yeah i love my car but its gotten sort of damaged surprisingly at no fault of my own.

san lorenzo is lame.. lol.

those were our first messages to eachother.

there are so many huge what if's. . i could have denied his request. which if i knew anything about probability i would give you a statistic but i dont so all i can tell you is that the chances of me denying him was pretty darn high. also what if i had met him at my junior prom where he had gone with a girl i know. which is why he had requested me in the first place, to see if i knew her and yeah i did she and i had french class together and i was editor-in-chief of the yearbook its kinda hard not to know everyone at your school especially everyone in your class.

our cars, 94 hondas the first of many things to have in common.

to think our first conversation was only a month and a half ago is crazy and mind-blowing. another crazy thing is that ive been going to my church for 4 and a half months ago.

would he have requested or messaged me if i wasnt christian? something to ask him tonight lol.

God really has worked in some of the most mysterious ways in my life. His plans have really amazed and made me realize and view my life differently because now i see how he has planned it so well and really brought me to him in a wondrous way.

when i met patrick i was trying to be single for awhile (atleast till the end of the summer) and praying for patience but i guess i really didnt need patience and really i think i had it at that point because i really wasnt looking for my mate but in him i see my perfect match and i thoroughly prayed about him because of where i am (still growing in my relationship with Christ) and was at (not trying to date and be single for once in my life).

so to continue where i started.. we messaged eachother for a couple weeks on myspace (thanks tom, lol), then it moved up to messages on aim, and then to (hours) on the phone. which then led us to meet in person on friday may 25th 2007.. which we now consider our first date. i was soo nervous to meet him not only cause i met him online but i had a connection but i was definitely ignoring it at that point, i was regarding this more as look you can make new friends on your own now. we had dinner at chevys in union city a mid point for the both of us. he prayed for us. we were both so nervous during dinner. i had a chicken quesadilla. he spilled on himself a little. and ate really quick so i made him eat more so that he wouldnt be watching me eat. he payed which surprised me because i wasnt viewing this as a date at that point. we then went into borders one of my fave places cause im a total nerd i swear most of my money is spent between forever 21, borders and target. lol. after that we just hung out, talked and listened to music in his car for awhile. then we both had to pee but umm the car wouldnt start lol so he called triple a and had them jump his car it was ridiculously funny then we went to wal mart to pee hung out there a bit and went back to where we were before listened to music a little bit more. we were both hungry again at that point and all nervousness had subsided so he followed me to my house where we ate cereal lol. and then watched a movie, i think it was just my luck lol so random... one of my most fun nights ever with anyone.
so thats just the beginning more to the saga later..