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so its been a few days since i last blogged but um lets see it was a pretty busy weekend for me plus i started a new job last week so ive been pretty worn out.

new job is pretty easy going im a nanny for a 3 1/2 yr old boy and a 15 month old girl but really im more of a mothers helper cause their mom is there a lot of the time and the dad works from home.

friday night my boyfriend took me out to dinner seriously the nicest dinner date ive been out on. oh and yes we are official bf and gf now we decided that on wednesday night, since we met a good amount of eachothers friends. so he took me to the cheescake factory in palo alto and we were semi-dressed up it was so much fun, he had the orange chicken to eat and i had the cajun chicken "littles" and for dessert we shared tiramisu cheesecake (delicious!). we were both completely stuffed. stopped into borders for a few min after dinner then went back to my house. funny thing is my mom earlier on wednesday had told me she had like a premonition that hes "the One" which is crazy because my mom never has that much to say about my boyfriends and when she has a feeling like that its usually right on.

saturday night we had pizza over at jess and daves house with tom and mary. it was fun and im really glad i got to meet jess and omgosh they have the cutest kids. kayla is hilarious. my friends went to see oceans 13 and surfs up but those really arent my type of movies so we didnt go plus we were still at the johnsons.

sunday always busy church was great finished up the series weve been on for the past few weeks about the cost of discipleship, so next sunday is fathers day service and the week after that we will start on spiritual gifts which i am super excited for. im still learning and growing in my relationship with Jesus which i need to focus a little more back on him kinda lagged on my love for him the past week. and i really need to be grateful for all that ive been given. so lets see christinas shower was on sunday at 1 but so was lonis grad party so i skipped the shower which is sorta bad but i really am not that comfortable with a lot of her friends i would much rather just hang with her and nichole. lonis party was great, awesome food lots of fun. janna and i were finally able to meet on sunday its been a couple weeks. and it will be another couple of weeks till our next time but i felt good about our meeting. night service went well. went home after to hang with the bf we were both ridiculously tired. prayed together at the end of the night and i prayed over dinner last night. getting there its nerve-racking to pray with someone out loud.