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Yesterday was a super long day but so wonderful. I am so thankful for the days that Christ rejuvenates me, ofcourse my back is hurting really bad today...
So first off work felt really good, then being home for a moment was relaxing, some exciting discipling/hangout time w/ Janna, then I met up with Patrick at home to go see Fireproof!! lol. It was so amazing to see a truly God-centered movie in theaters and that so many people have enjoyed it. I know most people in the bay area are super far from a theater that is playing it but I really recommend seeing it. Oh and it is only playing through this weekend or till thursday at the theaters around here. So go quickly!

After that amazing movie we left to go back to my house, it was raining finally! Loved it! We stopped at the new In 'N' Out less than a mile away from my house :) on the way home yay!