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Many, many exciting things will be happening and beginning this year.

some things that happened already

-our friends the Spitzers' baby girl Adilynne isn't a baby anymore she is now 1 years old
-a new future nephew was born the other day ago, baby boy Drew Todd Ciardello :)
-the triplets are 2!

some things happening soon

-1 year and 8 months of dating/courting with Patrick, it sure has gone by quick.
-SnoCal, I am so excited that I get to go this year.
-our 2nd valentines day
-maybe a huge exciting thing that I know nothing about :)

some things happening not as soon

-womens retreat
-my 22nd birthday
-Drew and Natalies wedding
-Resolved conference
-Patricks 21st birthday :)
-and I'm sure a million more things...