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9 days

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Yes, so far 9 days in a row of doing my Bible reading! The longest in a row that I have recorded. So pretty much the longest since around when I first became saved because I read so much then, I wish I read like then I had brand new faith and read through Genesis-Leviticus(I think) in a week or two.. Patrick and I are using the ESV Study Bible reading plan, which I started late on but I've been catching up now by reading 2 days in one day. I like the plan mostly except that it threw me into 1 Chronicles and that had some really boring genealogies at the start but I'm through them now. Usually Genealogies don't bug me since I love reading Genesis but the ones in 1 Chronicles go on and on and on.

Info on my other resolutions/goals for the year

-Waking up early- well not so hot the past couple weeks its about every other day I get up when I purposed to but still I really can't sleep past 7 or 8, which I'm sure is early to most people my age.
-Cleaning Plan- uh still need to work on that... I have been doing more dishes though which is a huge accomplishment since I detest them since I have no dishwasher :( I can't wait till I have one my biggest life problem will be solved lol. If anyone knows any good cleaning plans I would love to know them :)
-Menu Plans- well I haven't been cooking as much so no menu plans yet but I will work my way into this. I've begun looking at the grocery store sales fliers to start formulating this but my mom hasn't been going to the grocery store on her regular days or times. Fyi- I do most of the cooking and beginning to do more of the cleaning in my house since at some point soon I will become a wife plus my mom deserves a break.

Some other goals I have for the year

-Scrapbook more regularly
-Take pictures! I always forget to.
-Workout atleast 3 times a week