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Awe... So it has been forever

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Yes forever since I last blogged I always get into those patterns of not writing, feeling like a stick in the mud because writing is really what I should be doing... I don't have a job at the moment so whats holding me back! Oh yeah my own lazyness and no I don't do nothing at all during the day.

Lets see on a typical day I...

-Wake up my mom for work
-Make coffee for her and I, while doing that I either start my bible reading or delete the emails I don't want to read on my phone
-Send her off to work, unless its a day I'm going with her then I leave too
-Do my bible study & prayer time, sometimes on a really good day this comes before everything else. Well maybe not before the coffee.
-Try to do dishes for 15 minutes sometime during the day, I despise dishes mainly because I don't have a dishwasher
-Do my cleaning tasks for the day, I focus on one room a week or zone this week is the bathroom and 1 random room(laundry room, office, etc.)
-Do atleast one load of laundry a day
-Sometimes watch the view and sometimes watch oprah if the topic is worth my time
-Lots of reading!!! I'm aiming to read 81 books this year I really don't know if that will happen since I'm only done with 1 but I am reading about 7 books at the moment so I think I can atleast read most of the 81
-Apply for jobs
-Try to workout a little everyday and actually have done pretty good the past 3 weeks
-Blackberry chat with one of my best girls, Mary, throughout the day lol, wemainly encourage eachother and keep eachother accountable on our goals
-Make dinner sometimes for my loving bf but most of the time just for my mom and I

So as mentioned before I actually do sort of now have a job. I go to work with my mom sometimes which will become more regular. But on another note I believe I have a higher calling to be mainly a wife and mother and in this time of being out of work I have been focusing on preparing myself to be a wife. I am so thankful to have this time to do that. In this world we prepare to do any other job (yes, being a mother and wife is a job. i.e. the most wonderful God given one ever) however most women are just thrown into being a wife and mother, I am thankful I don't have to do that. I think as a future ministry wife I will be held at a higher standard. Yes, the pastors wife and family are always judged for every little thing they do or don't do. No matter what people say they still judge you, we are only human and not only does our God have impossible standards to live by, in which without grace and Jesus Christ we cannot even come close to achieving but as humans we also create unrealistic standards for those around us to live by and uphold.