Emily Tucker

Slang from the 20's

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-These are hilarious-

Applesauce - an expletive same as horsefeathers, As in “Ah applesauce!”
Bearcat - a hot-blooded or fiery girl
Cash or check? - Do you kiss now or later?
Darb - An excellent person or thing (as in “the Darb” - a person with money who can be relied on to pay the check)
Giggle Water - An intoxicating beverage; alcohol
“Now you’re on the trolley!” - Now you’ve got it, now you’re right!
Ossified - a drunk person
Spifflicated - Drunk. The same as canned, corked, tanked, primed, scrooched, jazzed, zozzled, plastered, owled, embalmed, lit, potted, ossified or fried to the hat
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