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22 things to-do before I turn 23

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I can hardly believe that I just turned 22 this past week. Its crazy and wonderful to think how my life has turned around since the Lord called me and even just thinking of how that all happened too.. Amazing!! Divine intervention is my only explanation, how the Lord really works in us and in our lives. Its crazy how many people don’t believe that the Lord has purposes for everything… All my past struggles will ultimately help me minister to young girls caught up into the so-called wonderful promises of the world. I really can’t wait for this to actually happen though, hopefully soon I will have the chance…

Onto the topic at hand…
  1. Get Married!
  2. Travel abroad, again.
  3. Pay off most of school loans
  4. Start running regularly
  5. Write a business plan
  6. Go dancing with my Husband-to-be
  7. Get a tattoo (we will see about that one…)
  8. Volunteer (that is something I have not done in awhile)
  9. Really start my bookclub :(
  10. Re-learn to freaking use my camera
  11. Finish a scrapbook (many started lol)
  12. Ride a bike (p.s. I finally learned how in high school, lol)
  13. Take more Polaroids
  14. See one of my fave bands in concert
  15. Watch all the films in my Netflix queue
  16. Read 50 books
  17. Take a road trip
  18. Go to Disneyland with the Fiance and friends
  19. Keep up with writing on my blog
  20. Buy the perfect classic trenchcoat
  21. Start a mini herb garden
  22. Campout in my backyard

p.s. things I have accomplished are in Bold