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for blogging eh.. I really can't stand that I can't even come close to keeping up with doing this at least weekly but hey monthly is a little better. I must admit I'm one for excuses, which I can't stand and am constantly working on this issue so I won't give you any excuse for why I can't do this. A lot has been on my mind and plate lately..(and yes that could possibly be an excuse) This might just end up being a post of complete ramblings just to warn you.

things I have been doing and thinking about

-work is still not exactly easy for me. I am better but I wish I could have progressed more than I have at this point and I basically feel like I've hit a wall. I had one day where I was on fire and it was awesome!
-cleaning is an up point for me right now at least. I re-created routines (I had ones for my moms old house but needed new ones for our apt.) and have almost finished reading Sink Reflections by Marla Cilley, I already followed her online program called Flylady. It is the best cleaning and de-cluttering plan out there because anyone can do it not just SAHMs but working ones too.
-however of course when cleaning goes up cooking goes down but now getting back to it again too. Hopefully soon I will start posting some pics and recipes for my own creations and new recipes I try.
-I started taking vitamins and am very excited about it lol only because I've actually remembered to take them and haven't despised it like I used too.
-Also good news I'm actually eating breakfast regularly. This normally consists of flavored yogurt and peanut butter toast. Oh and I switched from my normal coffee to tea. I get enough coffee at work, usually half-caf though.
-Something strange that I love.. taking Bart to see my mom I get so much reading accomplished on there and feel so relaxed I love it.
-I bought a new workout dvd (denise austins yoga body burn) and have done it the past 2 days. Its extremely calming and body toning at the same time definitely what I need right now in a workout.