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The Blind Side
The Hubs and I love watching movie and have our own personal collection of favorites, somewhere around 125-150. We also have Netflix and watch a lot of movies with that, ones sent to us and online. We occasionally even go to a RedBox and rent one there because we are desperate for something new.

So last Thursday we actually both had the day off from work so of course we watched 2 new movies.

First: The Blind Side with Sandra Bullock. I personally love true story movies and this is a heartfelt one and definitely encourages me as a Christian to offer myself up to God as his servant more. A great watch for the family I would definitely recommend this to anyone. Rated: PG-13 (there is a fight and references to drugs), My Rating: 5 Stars

Second: Sherlock Holmes with Robert Downey Jr., Jude Law and Rachel McAdams. Strangely I am a girl that actually enjoys action as long as there is a storyline. This was fabulously done, the characters are  a more realistic version of Holmes and Watson, not stuffy old British men as they seem in other movie versions but more raucous and still very intelligent. I thoroughly enjoy almost all of Downey's films as he   is a very strong actor and never fails in his roles. This was a very different part for McAdams but I can see why she wanted to play it, its much more fun and opposite her other roles in past. Maybe not best suited for the under 10 year old range due to its references to the occult (shown to be false so possibly a learning experience)and some swear words. Guy Ritchie has scored again, hopefully they can do a  sequel well. Rated: PG-13, My Rating: 4 stars