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My Mission Statement

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I came across a blog post recently that intrigued me. You can read it here. It made me think... am I fulfilling my roles well or even decent? Well no, not really. Then what the heck am I doing? I come to this question often, too often to be honest. I've written about this before, I'm lazy sorta. I don't know how to put this fully but its more like I'm not motivated because of all the things I have to do that I don't want to do (i.e. work out of the home) but I'm not even sure if stopping that would help. I feel this mission statement will help me and guide me to my best me. That sounds very Best Life Now but I promise its not...

Step 1: List Your Roles

-Business Owner(Stella&Dot Stylist)
-Homekeeper(couldn't decide what term I wanted to use)

I'm sure there are more..

Step 2: Prioritize Your Roles

1. Christian
2. Wife
3. Homekeeper
4. Business Owner
5. Blogger
6. Employee

I originally when first writing this out in my notebook put employee before blogger but now I feel its more important to me.

Step 3: Simplifying Our Roles

This is where it becomes hard.

Now its down to Christian, Wife and Homekeeper. Which is okay.. These are huge roles that I think I suck at lately.

Step 4: Dream

I used to be such a dreamer but a lot of my dreams failed so I became a realist. Well in actuality by dreams just changed dramatically, from career woman/mom to SAHM. Which at times makes me sad a little but not because I know my greater joy in the future will be raising children and saving my family as much money as I can :) but it also effects me in switching jobs often as I am over critical of the people around me at work and become too affected by how I am treated. In case you all were wondering that there ya go, which my crazy brain always thinks people judge me on my job situations. So my shift to wanting to be a SAHM has made me also more critical of people that don't want that and are super career focused, this is not a dig on anyone in particular just at how much feminism has crept into the church. Sorry if that was too honest but thats how my brain works not that its a good thing because its judgement and judgement is just my own pride of thinking my way is better and why can't everyone want what I want lol. We humans are so silly..

Onto what I do dream.. As a Christian I want to be known as someone thats an open book about their faith and knowledgeable in the right ways (memorized scripture, mentoring women, etc.) but not overly knowledgeable to protect from being prideful and also as a servant for the Lord by serving my church and the people in my life. As a Wife I want encourage, honor and follow my Husband fully and faithfully. As a Homekeeper I want to make my home a place of enjoyment, laughter, warmth, cleanliness honoring God, learning, and showing the best use of our resources(using our money properly).

Step 5: Creating My Mission Statement

To pursue Jesus faithfully and surrender my all to Him, so that I can be a vessel for Him.
To honor Patrick through encouragement, submission and love.
To create a welcoming home that honors God and our resources.


I plan to pray through these roles and my mission statement daily. Hopefully this has inspired you to do this to. I am interested in reading yours as well so link to yours in a comment :)

This was very fun to write about.. look for more posts like this to come. Now I have to get ready for my non-fun work.
p.s. its not really non-fun its just the anticipation of it that I can't stand.