Emily Tucker

feeling raw friday

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{I AM …}  a reading obsessed, tea drinkin', cookin' queen, lover of my husband, and last but not least a woman who loves Jesus.
{I WANT …} A reallllly relaxing vacation, work has worn me out. also want a massage and pedicure
{I HAVE …} Everything to be thankful for
{I KEEP …} Too much! time to get rid of more things
{I WISH I COULD …} have a home full of children
{I HATE …} self-righteous people and bad manners
{I FEAR …} clowns and spiders
{I HEAR …} too much and sometimes not enough, my hearing is weird I can hear someone say a drink order across the room and sometimes not hear someone next me that well
{I DON’T THINK ...} I am used enough but I think in time I will be able to use my gifts more
{I REGRET …} almost nothing, its really true everything that has happened to me has made me, me...
{I LOVE …} babies
{I CAN …} be really annoyed at myself, I let myself down a lot 
{I DANCE …} when I'm home alone... to hip-hop :)
{I SING …} in the car, at home but not in the shower
{I NEVER …} can get enough sleep thus is why I take naps, long ones the ones you aren't supposed to take
{I RARELY …} mop my floors, like twice a year ;)
{I CRY WHEN I WATCH …} certain movies and that one kleenex commercial
{I KNOW THAT …} I am loved
{I HATE THAT …} I'm tired all the time and that I have to work on the weekend
{I NEED …} use my time more wisely...still.
{I SHOULD …} wash my car but its ugly anyways and makes me miss my old one
{I BELIEVE …} in my AWEsome Savior :)