Emily Tucker

November is coming!!!

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I cannot believe all that has gone on this past month and all that is coming!

-We moved our church out of the home and into a building and now meet in the morning! crazyness there that keeps us on our toes but its amazingly wonderful and enjoyable especially all the extra time we get to spend together
-I got my dream job!! I'm finally in the career spot I want to be :) and that is as Visual Merchandising Expert/manager at my local Baby Gap. Going through training and such now which will take a bit but its super fun and exciting.

-Starts off with a couple overnighters at the Baby Gap, they are tiring but fun
-Harry Potter on the 19th
-Of course there is Thanksgiving, my family is doing it on the 21st which is a Sunday so I don't think we can go... why can't they do it on Thanksgiving since I don't have work... boo them. I still gotta try and do something about that..