Emily Tucker

His & Hers: Diaper Bags

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At one time I was going to get a Coach diaper bag but that fell through... boo.

So I then had to search again for the right diaper bag. His was a piece a cake and I found it months ago. Part manly, part very useful. I knew I really liked how thought out the design of Skip Hop bags are and their durability and price.
Skip Hop Duo in Navy Corduroy

But could I find the right one for moi.  Well I feel I did and a better deal, since this bag is 1/4 the price of the Coach one which I was supposed to get half off. It will most likely last longer than that one would have anyways. You would not believe how hard it is to choose which pattern to get. 

Skip Hop Dash in Blossom

Some nifty Skip Hop features: 
-Shuttle clips: separate clip and strap just to hook the bag on to your stroller
-11 pockets on/in each of our bags
-Magnetic closures on mine, velcro on his and a couple zippered on both
-Shoulder strap that comes off when you don't need it
-Diaper changing pad and back pocket that holds it separately