Emily Tucker

21 weeks

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  • Weighty Issues: 122 this week so still right on track and actually on the low healthy weight gain range for where I'm at. Still need to begin workouts, which I am thinking of tying into my plans for Lent this year. 
  • Stretch Marks: No new ones, I notice some of the ones on my hips from puberty again but thats okay. 
  • Sleep: Not any better but not worse. Had the most horrible charley horse early yesterday morning. I might have cried a little but hey it was not expected pain and it woke me up. 
  • Best Moment this week: Baby has been kicking like crazy and I think I can feel it from  the outside too. Hoping Patrick gets to feel it this week! Also got some more basic clothes for baby :)
  • Movement: Yup, multiple times a day now 
  • Food Commentary: A bit of heart burn here and there. Its been really hard to eat anything healthy other than side salads. Not sure why, I was on a health kick a week ago... Haven't thrown up in weeks now so thats nice.
  • Belly Button In or Out: Flat/stretched
  • What I miss: Liking vegetables, I used to eat green beans weekly but they aren't as appealing as a burger and fries lately
  • What I'm looking forward to: Still waiting on health insurance stuff, they requested more paperwork so I'm working on getting those gathered to mail to them. 
  • Weekly Wisdom: My friend Rachelle tweeted this yesterday, "It's not a goal if you aren't prepared to give it your all." I am working on figuring lots of things out before baby is born. 
  • Weekly WTH: Nothing crazy other than the evil charley horse
  • Nesting: Really want to start working on nursery but must find new apartment first :(
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p.s. belly pics will get better... trial run.. lol.