Emily Tucker

27 weeks

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Adorable Lou and Lee Newborn Hairbows 

Can't wait to put these on baby girl :)

  • Weighty Issues: Almost 129 lbs in total so up 16 lbs from my start of 113, right in the middle of healthy weight gain. So far doing good :)

  • Stretch Marks: Still only the itty bitty one!

  • Sleep: I moved our bed from the wall and now head facing our tv/sitting area, which means I now do not have to climb over my husband to go pee :) which some nights it can get up to 3x. Baby girl's kicks were waking me up last night, so we will see how sleep goes from now on.

  • Best Moment this week: New bed location is wonderful but even more wonderful is my new health coverage... finally!

  • Food: Hmm well a lot of things really just don't sound good and basically everything gives me heartburn.

  • Clothes: I was able to mix in some non-maternity jeans, rigged with hair ties.

  • Labor signs: Unfortunately I had my first Braxton Hicks contractions a couple weeks ago, otherwise clear and hopefully won't have anymore for a while.

  • Belly Button: As far out as I think it can go now, still squishy feeling

  • What I miss: Cravings, really loved having my cravings especially now that nothing sounds that great.

  • What I’m looking forward too: Baby shower, now that the date is set I'm super excited.

  • Weekly Wisdom: Balance

  • Weekly WTH: Just baby's kicking last night, it was fierce and often. We'll see if it will happen again.

  • Nesting: Oh you know just moved a full bed on my own.. Also bought baby a hamper but not much else. I have lots of clothes for girlie but I will wait till after my shower to wash them all.

  • Milestones: This is the last week of my 2nd Trimester!! Crazy!

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p.s. still no camera cord