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I started as this tiny cute fuzzy thing and soon will be having my own

but today I turn 24...

me through the years

1- Wiggled a lot and decided I don't like eggs

2- Fell in love with maZagines (magazines, if you couldn't figure out baby Emily speak)

3- Then fell in love with McDonald's 

4- Best scissor skills in montessori pre-school

5- Had the coolest kindergarten teacher (we regularly danced to "Wild Thing" in class)

6- Got strep throat, which became pneumonia.. in hospital for a week and out of school for a month

7- Gave up on bike riding and took up roller skating

8-10 - are kinda boring

11- Started middle school and tap dance

12- Had pink dyed hair tips and went to a lot of Blink 182 concerts

13- Was a peer counselor, discovered swing dancing and baby cousin Maya is born

14- Started high school and made a huge mistake

15- Joined Star teaching academy and learned a lot about myself but not enough

16- Dated a guy

17- Found a new dream and became Editor-in-chief of the school yearbook

18- Broke up with the guy and made even worse mistakes 

19- Another mistake that set me on a new path

20- Sometimes a girl doesn't plan on falling in love but she does anyway

21- Wedding planner career underway but then the economy goes bust and then got engaged 

22- Wedding planning for myself now and got married

23- Having fun together and working on careers

24- One and a half years married with our baby almost here