Emily Tucker

31 weeks

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  • Weighty Issues: 132 lbs today so right on track for gaining a pound a week till I'm due which is normal. Total gained= 19 lbs

  • Stretch Marks: Still just the one in my bra-region. Think I might have noticed a couple varicose veins showing on my thighs. Yay! not.. good thing is that they should go away after pregnancy.

  • Sleep: Some amazing nights with only getting up to pee once and a couple acid reflux terror nights. So overall better but the acid reflux nights sadly overshadow the good ones.

  • Best Moment this week: Still really thankful knowing that little lady is growing well and being in on a surprise shower that the rest of the managers put together for Patrick. Plus its my birthday!

  • Food: Um I have a slight addiction to McDonald's... but also to Chipotle! and cooking was definitely not a priority this past week. Hoping to work on making some freezer meals next month for when baby comes.

  • Clothes: Um rain is cramping my style a little bit but I'm mainly rocking lounge pants anyways. Still must find perfect dress for shower but did order some comfy clothes for me to wear home from the hospital.

  • Labor signs: None lately unless you count my annoying round ligament pain on my left side.

  • Belly Button: Fully out now

  • What I miss: Nothin' at all

  • What I’m looking forward too: Hair cut today, its been since my wedding since I got it really cut!! Breastfeeding class this Saturday and shower coming up in just a few weeks.. Oh and possibly moving. Really hugely excited about this but really scared about it too because I'm not so good at doing major things like that now.

  • Weekly Wisdom: Still fluids, fluids, fluids. I think they really have helped with my acid reflux.

  • Weekly WTH: Back pain and acid reflux still really bug me and confuse me. Baby girls kicks and other movements are starting to feel different as she runs out of room to move. Sometimes more painful, she definitely squished my bladder and kicked my ribs yesterday.

  • Nesting: Organized stuff to make plans for our move, if I only knew the exact date of when that would be helpful.

  • Milestones:

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