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french lentils

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1 cup of french lentils (sometimes called green lentils)

1/2 an onion, finely diced

1/2 cup of baby carrots, cut on the diagonal

1 tsp of dried thyme

dash of cumin powder

3 Tbsp of butter




(I added in some cauliflower too but it is optional)

-Rinse lentils (sometimes there are little rocks in them, remove these). Add lentils, onion, carrots, thyme and cumin into a large saucepan. Cover with water about 2 inches above lentils. Bring lentils to a boil and then simmer 12-20 min covered. Lentils are done when soaked on inside but not mushy.

-Drain any remaining liquid from lentils. Add salt and pepper to taste. Add in butter and coat lentils.

Dish can be served warm or cold. Delicious with buttered toast and is a great main dish for Meatless Mondays, as a side dish or on top of salad.

I just love this type of lentil it has a lot more flavor than other lentils and can be paired with so many different dishes. Also a really great source of Iron!