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My Birth Plan

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The plan I finally finished using the pregnancytoday.com birth plan checklist.

My Wishes for Childbirth - Emily M Tucker

Thank you for attending my birth. These are a few hopes for the outcome of it that I have.

Emily Tucker

  • I wish to be able to move around and change position at will throughout labor.
  • I would like to be able to have fluids by mouth throughout the first stage of labor.
  • I would prefer to keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum.
  • I do not want an IV unless I become dehydrated.
  • I do not wish to have continuous fetal monitoring unless it is required by the condition of My baby.
  • I do not want an internal monitor unless My baby has shown some sign of distress.
Labor Augmentation/Induction
  • I do not wish to have the amniotic membrane ruptured artificially unless signs of fetal distress require internal monitoring.
  • I would prefer to be allowed to try changing position and other natural methods (walking, nipple stimulation) before Pitocin is administered.
Anesthesia/Pain Medication
  • I realize that many pain medications exist. I'll ask for them if I need them.
  • Unless absolutely necessary, I would like to avoid a Cesarean.
  • If my primary care provider determines that a Cesarean delivery is indicated, I would like to obtain a second opinion from another physician if time allows.
  • I would like My husband present at all times if My baby requires a Cesarean delivery.
  • If My baby is not in distress, My baby should be given to My husband immediately after birth.
  • I would prefer not to have an episiotomy unless absolutely required for My baby's safety.
  • I would appreciate guidance in when to push and when to stop pushing so the perineum can stretch.
  • I would like a local anesthetic to repair a tear or an episiotomy.
  • I would like to be allowed to choose the position in which I give birth, including squatting.
  • I would like My husband and/or nurses to support me and my legs as necessary during the pushing stage.
  • I would like to have My baby placed on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery.
Immediately After Delivery
  • I would like to have My husband cut the cord.
  • I would prefer that the umbilical cord stop pulsating before it is cut.
  • I would like to hold My baby while I deliver the placenta and any tissue repairs are made.
  • If My baby must be taken from me to receive medical treatment, My husband or some other person I designate will accompany My baby at all times.
  • I do not want a routine injection of Pitocin after the delivery to aid in expelling the placenta.
  • Other Immediately After Delivery Preference: I do not want a catheter for any reason
  • I would like a private room, if available.
  • I would like to have My baby "room in" and be with me at all times.
  • I plan to breastfeed My baby and would like to begin nursing very shortly after birth.
  • Unless medically necessary, I do not wish to have any bottles given to My baby (including glucose water or plain water).
  • I would like to meet with a lactation consultant.
  • I would like to take still photographs during labor and the birth.

The next thing I plan on working on besides packing our apartment to move... is to make a Labor book inspired by the lovely Kristen of Project: Baby blog. You can see hers here