Emily Tucker

33 weeks

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  • Weighty Issues: Weighed in at 133 at my appt. last week. total lbs gained= 20

  • Stretch Marks: Still the same! I do rub lotion on my belly after I shower but I believe my lack of stretch marks has more to do with genes than lotion.

  • Sleep: Getting up more at night has caused me to sleep in more and on some busy days take long naps :)

  • Best Moment this week: My appt. was great, gotta love hearing babys heartbeat and appts are gonna be closer together now, next appt. is on the 16th. Hubs had the car washed and cleaned in prep for baby, love it time to put car seat in soon!

  • Food: I've been snacking during the day a lot, these are my mini meals in between regular meals. I ate a whole container of hummus, thankfully its good for you.. Having lots of salads for late lunch, mmm. Craving sweets non-stop this week, definitely not my norm.

  • Clothes: I really do wear a mix of stuff but obviously mostly maternity. I'm pretty bored with my whole wardrobe at the moment.

  • Labor signs: No other braxton hicks for a while now.

  • Belly Button: Is still out, not as flat boo!

  • What I miss: I believe I am beginning to miss having my body to myself, I love pregnancy even the yuck parts have been okay with me but I forget what it feels like to be just me and what I used to look like. I still miss salami as well.

  • What I’m looking forward too: Taking newborn care class together this Saturday and shower next week and uh moving whenever that happens..

  • Weekly Wisdom: Balance

  • Weekly WTH: I get itchy allllll over and it sucks.. the only relief is to shower, which is not always convenient.

  • Nesting: With packing to move I'm in a sort of nesting limbo and it sucks! Packing is not fun at the moment, it was sooo much easier when we moved from our parents homes to our apt we have now.

  • Milestones: hello baby pineapple :)

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