Emily Tucker

37 weeks

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Uber-cute hat I crocheted for the cutie :)
  • Weighty Issues: Weighing in at 136 on the home scale, total gain: 23 lbs. Perfect!
  • Stretch Marks: Nothing new :)
  • Sleep: Who knew I would turn into a nocturnal hamster... My acid reflux has made it so hard to sleep laying down even with the Zantac (not sure what happened but it is now not as effective..) sadly the couch is much more efficient at letting me sleep sitting up. I am definitely nesting and have the need to stay up to finish projects. Also night sweats... ugh.
  • Best Moment this week: Um being 37 weeks! I cannot believe that she's almost here!!
  • Food: I cooked dinner 4 nights in a row, sadly that is a record.. but seriously someone please feed me some McDonald's, I am in need! Also weird tidbit I decided I will no longer buy ground beef at the grocery store unless I am at TJ's or Whole Foods (thanks for freaking me out Jamie Oliver) but I strangely will eat a McDonald's burger which is probably worse..
  • Clothes: Lots of workout/comfy clothes going on over here. Not exactly cute, I get cute for my doctors appointments and church though lol. 
  • Labor signs: Nothing, I'm taking this as a good sign at the moment because there is still much to do. Belly looks like it may have dropped a little bit and at last dr.'s appt. her head is 'way' down there as the midwife stated. 
  • Belly Button: Out but sometimes flatter and still wondering what it will look like after prego
  • What I miss: Normal sleep a little bit but I'm seeing this as preparation for baby. 
  • What I’m looking forward too: Our baby girl being here :)
  • Weekly Wisdom: Get rest, however and whenever.
  •  Weekly WTH: Night sweats are killin' me they are so gross
  • Nesting: Um you might have seen my to-do list, its getting done just a bit slower than I would like at the moment. Any volunteers?

The Hospital Gown!!

  • Milestones: Full term baby :)

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