Emily Tucker

fill in the blank friday

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1.   The last movie I saw was       in theaters True Grit , months ago - movie theater seats are not comfortable for pregos and at home - last night we watched Fracture  .

2.  I want to    thai curry that is still cooking in my crock pot and some froyo w/berries would be a nice addition   .

3.  Surprises are     really nice but sometimes make me uneasy lol  .

4.  The best accessory is   cute shoes and a good attitude .

5.  My favorite warm drink is     mmm well having worked for Starbucks I have about a million but the one I look forward to most every fall is decaf pike place roast with pumpkin spice syrup and I top with creamer myself  .

6.  My favorite cold drink is       i love passion tea lemonade  .

7.  Currently loving       our new apartment cause its kind of amazing and searching pinterest for interior design ideas   .