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in my bag 2.0

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Welcome to In my Bag 2.0

1. An awesome MAC special edition makeup bag- probably the one red thing I own that I love (red and I aren't friends)

2. Okay so I have a lot of old makeup that I kinda never get rid of.. probably not the best thing and I definitely know better being a trained esthetician and all but its just so hard to throw away. 


- Avon lip miracle in Rose Parfaite (best color ever! I'm a nude lip addict because I have really red lips naturally) 

Lip gloss duo

- Too Faced dessert combo special edition



- Oral B Satin floss in mint- don't bother buying any other floss cause this is the best

Lip Balm

- Rosebud Strawberry- one of the best lip balms and tastes like strawberry milkshake



- Johnson's Lavender & Chamomile - not sure if this really melts away my stress but it sure does smell good on my hands and I get it in the travel 99 cent section at Target

Powder compact

- Avon- once again ancient but hate throwing away something when I still can kinda use it but I will be buying just a blotting sort of compact once this is gone


Lip gloss

- Bare Escentuals Buxom Lips in Sandy- I love Buxom lips I have 3 or four different shades of this plumping gloss because its a perfect consistency (slightly sticky but doesn't feel like you have goo on your lips) and the plumping action isn't too dramatic since they use mint, so it also cools your lips :)


- Maybelline Falsies Volum' Express- This does work pretty well to separate and define lashes to look like false eyelashes but it does dry out really fast for some reason



- Special awesome esthetician ones that have really nice grippy points, I tweeze where ever when ever basically so these come in handy often for my eyebrows and anytime someone has a splinter

Nail clippers

- basic.. but my nails grow like weeds and I also clips a lot of strings off with these


- really cute tiny bottle that came with a bigger bottle. Go Target!


Nail file

- Ms. Manicure 4 step nail buffer/file- this thing makes my nails look gorgeous, that is when I give them the time they deserve..