Emily Tucker

Hayden - Week 1

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I still cannot believe that Hayden has been here for one week already! I'm loving every moment of this precious time and am saddened at how fleeting it is. She already feels bigger than when she was born and everyday she acts a little different than the next, usually better. 

So thankful to not be in the hospital - its crazy how uncomfortable I felt being there. The bed was loud and awkward, food was weird and its obviously nothing like being at home. I was extremely comfortable in labor and delivery but recovery was not the same...

After she was born I had some crazy hormones, where I would cry if she looked at me or did any other cute thing. Any moment can change from sweet to a little scary to beautiful..

As for Hayden in the first week - she has been so fun to watch and adore. I've always loved newborns but its so much more amazing to have your own :) I'm loving listening to the little noises and sounds she makes and holding her while she's sleeping. She is just so precious it makes my heart melt. 

Some wonderful things about this past week:

  • All the amazing dinners and lunches and Starbucks that sweet people have brought us! We have felt so blessed by our church and families. Also the fact that Hayden had impeccable timing so that our friends Matt & Carley + their baby Ruby could meet Hayden before they went back home to Chicago.

  • Breastfeeding - I was so scared that it wouldn't go well but Hayden is amazing and actually ate 15 min after she was born and her latching has improved significantly.

  • Becoming a Stay at Home Mom - oh my gosh now that Hayden is here I can't even fathom going back to work unless she could go with me. I plan on figuring out a way for me to make money from home. Feel free to give ideas for that one. lol.