Emily Tucker

To-do List Update

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  • Do Laundry - I've been using my WonderWash  to save on laundry costs and its been working out pretty well
  • Get rid of boxes from moving - In progress, still many more to figure out what to do with
  • Finish organizing bedroom and craft/play area - craft/play area is about as good as it is gonna get for now (only papers to organize and file left) and bedroom is organized, just needs to be beautified
  • Write emergency number list to post on fridge
  • Get oil changes on both our cars... we both hate doing this! plus my car needs to be smogged :(
  • Finish thank you cards
  • Attach Billy bookcase to wall
  • Work on address change items (Dmv, social security, etc..)
  • Prepare freezer meals for post-partum - done, Thanks Mom!
  • Find out if I left some Pyrex pieces at old apartment... 
  • Install car seat and get checked for safety - okay so I know you are supposed to get it checked but...
  • Set-up notebook to track feedings, changes, activity, etc...
  • Finish packing hospital bag - almost done 
  • Set-up index card cleaning system - Now I must do a post on it and surprise, surprise I'm actually mostly keeping up with the tasks :)
  • Make birth inspiration book
  • Sew mermaiden doll for baby girl
  • Sew hospital gown for moi
  • Work on base pages for Gma brag books and our own photo and memento books for baby
  • Get pedicure - Went with the lovely Steiger ladies: Cindy & Ellen
  • Work on decor projects for the baby nook (hang shelves, make tissue paper poms, make faux mats/ frames for artwork, paint her letter)
  • To buy: more baby hangers- some bought they were out of the other ones I want, seat protector to go underneath car seat, curtain rods for bedroom and living room, stamps for mailing baby announcements and thank you cards, heavy duty eye concealer, lamp shade for baby night lamp, furniture fuzzy protector pads for our ottomans, shelf for in freezer, more clothes pins and possibly a rocking chair and rug...