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3 Weeks Postpartum

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Pre-pregnancy on Our honeymoon

Here we are, 3 weeks postpartum... The one thing I didn't seem to research enough on. Oh well.. At this point I'm starting to feel a little more normal. Yay!

Almost ready to pop :) 

The part I didn't research: what can happen during pushing... uh hello you can tear! Okay maybe I knew that but boy did I not know the extent of how you actually can tear. So I have a 2nd degree tear (praise the Lord its not a 3rd or 4th) and of course I got an infection. Lovely... but I was smart and went to the doctor right away as soon as I felt something was not right and she put me on antibiotics and they are awesome and helped heal me and last week my doctor says it looks like I'm finally healing :) Personally I'm just glad I can sit down and stand up without hurting.

Post-birth hotness

Now onto the fun part. On the 15th I weighed in at 141 at my doctors appointment and last week I weighed 122!!! Only 9 pounds to be back to my pre-pregnancy weight.. What!? I am completely in shock over this as you might be able to tell. lol. Obviously I could use a good amount of toning but I cannot work out yet... Jillian and will just have to become friends again in a few weeks :) oh 30 day shred...

Update picture to come soon...