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Hayden - 1 month

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I can't believe Our little cutie is 1 month old today!

The beginnings of lots of new things are happening with her and it is fun to watch her grow so much.. but so sad because my baby is growing so fast. I feel like she is huge compared to when she was born and she might possibly be. 

-Someone tried a new binky and didn't hate it (Mam not a hit but the


are where its at). It has saved us from some car melt downs and one when we were out on the town with Grandma on Monday.

-Baby Hayden also got to have her first bath finally. It took her umbilical stump awhile to fall off and since she has an innie bellybutton there was a little residue residing in there still, so I was not gonna risk it. She only seems to get a little fussy when I first put her in and when I wash under neck plus last Saturday she hated that bath but was in a bad mood previous to putting her in but she needed one since she had an unfortunate spit-up that some how ended up in her hair. 

In the next photo I think Miss H looks like a tiny sleeping ballerina

-Hayden is beginning to make some coos and grunt noises.

-She is learning to grip on everything. Her favorites seem to be my hair, shirts, and arm, that one usually is more of a really painful pinch lol. 

-She ' entranced by Elmo and this has got to be one of the weirdest things to witness. One second she will be fussy and crying and then you put on Elmo and she is silent and staring and that darn little monster. 

-Typically is very patient with her tummy-time and is turning and lifting her head really well. 

-Little bunny has started to smile a little here and there but also makes this super adorbs sad face, that I have yet to catch on camera. 

-She seems to really enjoy when I make her pretend to talk and sing songs to her. 

-We have also gone on a couple adventures in our awesome

Peanut Shell Sling