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Hayden - Week 3

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Hayden in her

sweet ride

Boy is time going by quickly! I can't believe she is almost a month old already and I guarantee she has to be almost nine pounds because my arms are beginning to feel it. Hayden is also beginning to show some personality and its pretty cute. I've been super thankful thats she's pretty mellow, only gets fussy at night between 8-10 a little bit and sometimes when I change her diaper. 

First Hope Church Sunday

-Sleep is going surprisingly well: I usually get a 3-4 hour stretch and a 4-5 hour one and we usually take a late afternoon nap together.

-We are still using 7th Generation disposable diapers at the moment until we run out and then will begin our cloth diapering adventure.

-Hayden had her first church Sunday and was a really good girl. She only fussed a little bit while I was feeding her. We also prayed over her and I cried... 

Wearing her alarm clock onesie

-We tried out the BabyBjorn and it was definitely a success! The Peanut Sling not a success yet and I have yet to try out the Moby Wrap.

-We are half enjoying tummy-time lol not too surprised by that but Hayden is really good at lifting her head.

-Breastfeeding is still going amazingly. She has gotten more effective at eating so now eats for longer periods during the day but still cluster feeds during her 8-10 fussy time.

Baby H