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Blogging My Heart

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I love these peeps :)
Lately I've been thinking I want to make this blog more real and honest (slightly inspired by the husband), not that I don't try to be that already but I want to be intentional in it. Of course Stephanie Howell happened to blog about this subject almost exactly today. 

Where my heart is at...

1. Focusing way too hard on trying to be the perfect wife and mother and all too devastatingly not focusing on Jesus.. There is no way I can be good at either of these things without centering myself on Him. But then I get this overarching feeling that I don't measure up to other wives and mothers.. It is a vicious circle of knowing what I need to do (pray and read scripture) and how I feel. It bogs me down so much some days that I basically give up.. 

2. Neglecting myself mentally and physically.. I might need some me time. I've approximately only been away from Hayden for maybe 3 hours since she was born. 

3. Hating not being diligent to read my Bible.. To be utterly and completely honest I haven't been 'good' at reading my Bible daily since before we got married. I don't know what it is.. not the right reading plan, not the right amount of encouragement or discipleship, too much going on and not enough focus, who knows??? 

4. I want to be healthy.. I want to exercise but by the time Hayden is taking a nap there are so many other things I want/need to do that it usually ends up last on my list and don't even get me started on eating. Its really only the cooking part that is hard. I swear she knows when I'm either going to start cooking or eating cause every time she freaks out.. Love the girl but can I get a bite to eat please!

5. I am itching.. To let out my creative juices that is. Also another thing at the bottom of my list. I really want to use my craftiness to earn us some extra income and somehow I think it might take me some all nighters to get started :) 

6. Bible study group or discipleship.. I miss being discipled and I miss our original women's Bible study but I know as a church plant sometimes you have to sacrifice certain things and these have been my sacrifice :(