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10 on 10

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Some how I always miss you and I will probably never actually post you on the tenth cause thats crazy business and I don't think I'm that legit... 

So here was my Monday

1. Morning always begins with coffee and its always Starbucks. 2. I still had a lot of pumpkin and an over ripe banana - so banana pumpkin chocolate chip bread happened. 3. Put away all the dry diapers. 4. Wash more diapers.

5. Mondays My mom comes to visit us - they played. 6. I did a quick blog post. 7. They played some more and My mom got to read to Hayden.

8. Diapers washed & then drying. 9. Grocery shopped in the store and not online for the first time in 3 months. 10. Nap time with Daddy while Mommy was away.