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blog your heart - 2

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1. My eating has sucked this month - Sorry hubs but I can't buy soda anymore, Safeway had 12 packs buy 2 get 2 free... SO I have had at least 24 cans in the past 2-3 weeks. Ew, I was losing weight and had less tummy pooch now its even worse. Great!? Goal: Must get on better eating plan/reduce serving size/snackage and drop the soda to maybe one serving per week and definitely don't keep it in the house. 

2. Still no workout :( - How do you motivate yourselves?? because I think I was born without any sense of motivation and I try to think of a goal but without motivation to work towards the goal.. I've got nothin'. I did do 100 jumping jacks 3 days in a row! Also working on Hayden's nap routine now so I might be able to work out some time...

3. Bible reading - Has been going amazing I'm reading about 5x a week which is so much better! I tend to read chunks in my M'Cheyne plan and sometimes out loud for Hayden and I. Its pretty nice and finally feel like I have balance and don't beat myself up if I'm not completely on track with my plan.

4. Creative time - Last night I hosted a Fall snacks and crafts party and got some awesome craft on! Finally have been working on product as well and feeling really good about my craft times. Cannot wait to get the shop fully running. 

5. Bible Study - Some ladies and I have been scheming up plans for a women's Bible study book club of sorts and I am ridiculously excited. Can't wait to help host and facilitate :)

6. Wife and Mother - I am beginning to find a balance and part of that is from just being more prepared for every day i.e. Menu planning, scheduling and talking more intentionally about life with the hubs.