Emily Tucker

fill in the blank friday

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1.   Nothing says fall like      a pumpkin spice drink or some hot apple cider and don't forget a yummy treat preferably warm too  .

2.   My favorite autumnal tradition is   walks where you focus on crunching leaves       .

3.  My favorite fall treat is  definitely a tie between pumpkin scones and apple pie   .

4. Fall makes me think of    my grandma    because    she loved fall as much as I do   .

5.  Autumn free form word association, go!    cozy, warm, fire, pumpkins, books, blankets, baking, owls .

6.  My go-to outfit in the fall is     skinny jeans or cords, boots or flats, tee, open cardi and a scarf   .

7.  My favorite fall holiday is (Halloween or Thanksgiving)    Thanksgiving, what can I say food and family override candy and costumes, although I totally love those too  .