Emily Tucker

Mary Blair

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Growing up I've always loved Disneyland and not just the characters and rides but really the detail and thought put into building it. I think everyone can agree that their is no place like it and you always remember what your time was like when you were there, it really does have a magical quality about it. 

I believe that part of the uniqueness and magical feeling are due to one person in particular - Mary Blair.

Her artwork is seen all over Disneyland and in Disney movies and books and until recently I had no idea that she had created them. She happens to be a children's book author and artist as well, which I had seen before. I feel like she never got enough credit for inspiring the vision behind movies like Peter Pan and Alice in Wonderland and at Disneyland creating beautiful murals and design of the whole It's a Small World ride. Thats just a few of the more famous things too.

I love her artwork and even people that now try to replicate her style. It inspires me and makes me happy just to look at it.

What artwork inspires and intrigues you?