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- Loving this months computer wallpaper calendar from Free People
- I'm throwing a girls get together this month involving Crafts & Cocktails and have decided I want to host one every season. So excited for the fun time that will be had. 
- Halloween: not that we really celebrate it but its Hayden's first fun holiday and she will be dressed up as a zebra! 
- Hello rain! I'm so happy that we are finally having fall weather, its my fave.
- I've been crafting again but this time to start a business!? I felt the need to craft and have always wanted to be an entrepreneur. Shop name: Little Bitty by Emj and I will be selling hair accessories for women and girls. Only problem is deciding if I want to start on Etsy and then switch to Big Cartel or just start on Big Cartel or just be on both. Either way I need to create graphics or find someone that can do them for free/cheap cause I'm on a budget.. and I'm not sure what I want to do for that.. Any ideas for me?