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Bluum Box 2

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I received -October's Bluum box: Girl Talk- a couple weeks ago but have just finally gotten round to trying my products. This month they are super fab and still a few more to try. 

1. Baby Symbolizer App- I'm lazy and you have to email them to get a redemption code and I am hesitant to bother anyways since Hayden would just eat and drool on my iPhone... Cool idea though.
2. Dr.Robin Shampoo/Body Wash and Sunscreen Samples- Also have not tried these yet.. I don't think Hayden really needs sunscreen at the moment but I will definitely try the body wash during her bath today.
3. Baby Gourmet Juicy Pear & Garden Greens- Hayden isn't eating solids yet but I 'm planning to  start her on them next month since someone is getting her highchair for Christmas. I have given her tastes of things though and I'm thinking she would probably like this as long as its more pear-y.
4. Strivectin-SD- I don't know any girl that wouldn't want a sample of Strivectin. A modern miracle worker for wrinkles and stretch marks. I've used it only around my eyes and forehead wrinkles at night for the last 3 days so far (they suggest morning and night) and I think it is tightening a bit. It has a light tingle/cooling feeling when you put it on, which I love. The only problem is if I end up liking it - a 5 oz tube is $135 bucks!
5. Super cute bonus magnet- bees are kind of Hayden's theme for her decor, so I love this. I can't wait till she is big enough to play with magnets on the fridge.
6. CJ's Butter- I heard about CJ's Butter a few months ago through a cloth diapering board and have wanted to try it but already have a couple diaper creams. I received their Toasted Almond & Cherry Blossom scent and seriously if I didn't know better I would eat it because it is so delicious smelling! Not only does it smell amazing, it is super soft and glides on providing a nice barrier for little one's bum and seems to heal a rash almost instantly. I will definitely be using CJ's Butter from now on and I can't wait to try some of their other scents (some faves: blueberry crumble, coconut lime dream, honeyed patchouli and warm vanilla cake) and supposedly its good for dry skin, eczema and can even be used as leave-in conditioner too.

Hope everyone is having a good month, its been crazy busy for us and about to get crazier but all in good fun!