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i'm weird because:

i don't eat eggs and rarely eat mayo and think cheese on veggies and fish is a bad ideacooking lu
i know the words to wayyyy too many songs
i put garlic powder on grilled cheese sandwiches
i never wear shoes in my home 
i want a big family
i plan on homeschooling our kids
i have exercise induced asthma and slow eyes (no joke I am prescribed to do exercises to strengthen them)
i love to label things
i pull out loose hair
i don't like ketchup on fries or burgers
i'm not a cuddler
i love a good cry
we never use top sheets, i take them to the goodwill
i've known how to use chopsticks since age 6
i won't usually buy clothing items unless they are 50% off or more
i've decided not to do santa
i hate making lunch

i'm a bad friend because:

i hate talking on the phone
i am the worst at writing thank you cards and when i do write them i forget to give them to people
i get really insecure sometimes and have been known to read into something that i shouldn't have
i wear my heart on my sleeve and it sometimes gets bruised
i am too blunt sometimes 

i'm a good friend because:

i will answer a text or email asap
i go with the flow and am up for almost anything
i am very, very loyal
when i trust you, i really trust you. and when i love you, i really love you
i like to have a really good conversation
i am honest and you can ask me anything
i love to spoil their kids and them ;)

i'm sad because:

i always feel like i'm or its never enough
i miss my family everyday
i dwell on little annoyances

i'm happy because:

i will and nothing will ever be enough except Jesus
we are going to my aunt's on Christmas!!! 
i love this season
Hayden takes better naps now that she has a routine

i'm excited for:

Christmas decorating 
the Spitzer's coming to town
crafts & crap - winter edition coming soon
our first date night since baby will be on Thursday