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Hello, I Love You: Turquoise.. I mean Blue

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Usually blue looks a different to me.. 

No, I'm not color blind :)

I just have a love for all things turquoise

So heres to my blue... Turquoise 

I really want these... need more rain to justify purchasing them though

Anthropologie Latte Bowls

- they are out of this color at the moment of course

Some more

coffee inspo

This Vase?! Oh Anthropologie... I have no use for this vase. I have 5 vases that I never use except maybe once a year but gosh darn it! That vase is gorgeous and I stare at it every time I go to Anthropologie which happens to be 2 blocks from our home... one word - Dangerous.

Okay so my mixer is the color of the vinyl on that mixer but whoever thought to put vinyls on mixers is a genius! and I would love one, just not that color... I think you get what I mean lol

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