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Birthday Weekend Recap

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My actual birthday was spent lounging around and being waited on by my super sweet husband, Patrick. Who also endured many movies of my choice, some I'm sure he would rather not. 

but the main one - that we both wanted to see, was Chronicle. 
Kinda like Heroes a.k.a. our favorite show, but more anti-hero and dangerous. 
We also watched I Love You, Man! Which neither of us had seen before but I loved and Patrick was mildly amused with, he loves old school style comedy while I prefer new.

Plus a little bit of those two. New strawberry cake & creme donuts @ Krispy Kreme and a bi-weekly staple around here, Chipotle. Nom & Nom.

Had a perfect morning getting stuff done while Hayden slept in because shes teething..
Followed up by a perfect Giants game! Ellen, Kim, Hayden and I got to go to the A's vs. Giants game, which was the Strike out Cancer/ Fedora giveaway game. Can someone figure out that connection for us?! Also it happened to be Hayden's first game post-in womb and lucky her we had primo club level seats in the shade. 

Fyi: Hayden is obviously the most authentic fan... Since she can already hold her sign so well! She was greatly offended by the man that kept placing his sign in front of her during her television debut. But being a true fan this did not thwart her from enjoying the game. 

Documented here. Clapping hands and dancing was involved. Some garlic fries, sweet potato fries, corn and regular dogs were consumed, its the shared CuppaKim/Emj rule of baseball. Go Giants! 


After the game Hayden enjoyed a nap while I journeyed to Target.
 Where I found a new little friend and some half off shorts for our impending trip to Palm Springs.
The middle cream one to be exact :)

The next part of the day was spent out with girlfriends to watch... 

I wasn't sure exactly what to expect, haha little pun, but was surprised to actually like it Jennifer Lopez and all... lol. Honestly the best are some of the dad parts and Cameron Diaz might actually be making a come back but no surprise Elizabeth Banks was the shining star. Bonus: Chace Crawford, had no clue he was in this but yay. 

All in all definitely my best birthday yet! The best part no food tracking on birthday weekends but I definitely way over did that. Thanks for making a fabulous 25th birthday for me Hubs and Girlfriends!!

-xo Emily

p.s. No Lulu Loves post today due to a Canadian holiday :(