Emily Tucker

Lulu Loves - Polka Dot

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New High Noon Dot pattern! If you don't like polka dots at all, it might be hard for us to be friends. Just sayin'. This is a new luon light power y tank in lilac and black, can't wait to see more colored polka dots though. 

Diversity Wunder Under Crop - I am love/hating these... Basically they have stitched a couple different spots so you can cut/choose where you want the length to be. Thus why there is a raw hem at the bottom and if you didn't know already, Lululemon will hem your pants for you for free. Plus side: great for shortys like me and the colors these come in are all cute but not sure I could get away with polka dot butt.

Super cute bag but super cheesy name: Sackasana Bag

and special for my friend Kim 
Lululemon's specialized cycling gear :)

 -xo Emily