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Lulu Loves - Swim/Surf

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It's Tuesday! and May, my 2nd favorite month and otherwise known as my birthday month!! but lets get back to the task at hand... New Lulu product! 

The biggest things this week are the new Swim/Surf line and lots more Beachy Floral print!

The Surf 'N' Turf Tote - Made for the beach but versatile enough to be used as a day bag, gym bag or diaper bag. Comes with inner removable liner that doubles as a second bag. Comes in 3 different Beachy Floral print colors but I'm boring and like the Fossil gray. 

Flip Out Boardshort - Since modest is hottest, these swim shorts fit my needs of covering up but keeping cute while swimming. They are reversible plus have a key cord and pocket, very handy. The coolest part though is that the waist band isn't like most board shorts, instead of being stiff with velcro it is made out of regular swim suit material and is a foldover waist so you can customize your comfort a little more. 

New color-way (retail speak for combo of colors) of Menthol/Fossil in the Groove Crop. I have a thing for gray in any form, like how people buy everything in black... I do that with gray but this is cute because it has the addition of the Menthol color and reverse side of the waistband is Black.

This new Beachy Floral Bang Buster Headband is already sold out on the US side of the Lululemon side of their website. I have this headband in all white and have to admit I don't love it as much as I thought I would, only because I feel with my paleness I get washed out even more - Should have bought all black instead but I do love the style and will probably get this color and possibly sell or give my white one to someone. 

360 Rashguard - Once again coverage is key and you can't get more covered than a rashguard. Paired with the Heatwave Swim Bottoms you can't go wrong. 

-xo emily