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mothers day gifts 2012

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Mother's Day is about a week away and of course Moms aren't the easiest to shop for... So here are some cute and easy gifts that are sure to please. mothers day gifts 2012

mothers day gifts 2012 by emmers87

1. Noon Glow Loop $38 - anthropologie.com

Circle/Loop/Wrap/Infinity or whatever you want to call them make great gifts because they come in so many styles and are a versatile accessory for moms of any age. 

2. FOSSIL zip bag $98 - fossil.com

Now that I'm a mom, I have been lusting after these cross-body bags from Fossil. What makes it a good gift for moms: it is small enough to wear while baby-wearing and a much cuter option than your bulky diaper bag for date night.

3. Stella dot jewelry $16-$36 - stelladot.com

My personal fave is Stella & Dot charm jewelry- get monograms, birthstones, or a mom or grandma charm or a mix of all and you can't go wrong. 

4. Kindle Fire $199 - amazon.com

Oh Kindle... you are the most fabulous invention for moms since... well maybe the dishwasher. 
My Kindle keyboard is seriously jealous of the Kindle Fire and oh so tempting with its new pretty colors and video. Also great if mom already has a Kindle - get her Kindle gift cards.

-xo Emily