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That it is September, a.k.a. my favorite month! I love all things back to school & Fall, big nerd right here...


About half-way done with

Bringing Up Bebe

I am a Francophile at heart so I am loving this book but its definitely been taking me longer to get through than I thought it would. Its about the contrasts between American parenting styles and French ones. I really love learning more about them and definitely see myself somewhere in-between the two. Also just finished up our Summer book for our ladies book club -

Shopping for Time

It was the third time I had read through it but it is honestly one of my favorite practical books for every woman.


 Supernatural from the beginning on Netflix with the hubs. Its kinda what we do: start a show from the beginning and watch all the seasons. This method is really enjoyable actually, we get to relax and binge on a couple episodes at night & not have to wait till the next episode. I've been watching How I Met Your Mother during nap times. Netflix is pretty awesome.

-xo Emily