Emily Tucker

fill in the blanks

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1.  Something I am very proud of is    having our little family, honestly it was my main dream growing up - it frustrates me that girls are told that its not enough to aspire to be a mom & wife 

2.  My favorite thing about myself is  my tender heart, its definitely been a blessing & a curse but now that I am older I've learned that we all hurt each other sometimes and that even Christians hurt each other but we are able to forgive so much easier because we have been forgiven for so much more 

3.  My favorite color for fall is  browns & darker green shades & grays.

4. Something I've been learning lately is     that I am desperately lacking in communication skills & trying to learn them and work with my new knowledge .

5. A book I am reading now/have read recently is"Bringing up Bebe" yes still working on it, its so good but I have been watching more tv lately so book reading is slower. 

6. My favorite Pandora Station is  usually mat kearney or phil wickham.

7.  This weekend I will  be working at starbucks.. yes that is happening again, its a long story for me & its a season for us but I am at a really awesome location thankfully. Also I will be celebrating with a certain 22 year old for her birthday .