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20 weeks v.2

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Actually about 19 weeks here

How far along? 

20 weeks, woo hoo half way!

Total weight gain/loss:

 About 6 lbs so far

Maternity clothes?

 I like to wear a mix of both but just had to start wearing my maternity khakis to work.

Stretch marks?

 I think I saw one tiny one and unfortunately I'm not as diligent this pregnancy with moisturizing the belly.


Lots of fatigue and naps. A couple bad bouts of heartburn. 


A little restless most nights... that sounds confusing.

Best moment this week:

Finding out were having a boy! We are so excited & think Hayden will be a great big sister to her little brother. Also to know that all the ultrasound shots looked good. Hayden had a single umbilical artery, so I was worried I might have that again. Thankfully we didn't have any complications with her. Registering for boy clothes has been fun, so many people think boy clothes are boring but I love them. 

Miss Anything?

 Margaritas, not a lush or anything just don't like being told I can't have something. Really starting to miss running but I just feel comfortable doing it now because I'm so extra clumsy while prego.


 Lots!! Little man has always seemed extra squirmy

Food cravings:

 Um everything! I could really use a good burger from The Counter right now and a side of their fried pickle chips and sweet potato fries. Mmmm nom! I really love soft pretzels & pot stickers during each pregnancy so far. 

Anything making you queasy or sick:

 Just my heartburn now

Have you started to show yet:  


Baby is a: 


Belly Button in or out?


Wedding rings on or off?


Happy or Moody most of the time:

Much happier, less stress now since its not holiday time and I'm working a little less

Looking forward to:

Picking out the perfect name for our little guy. It might be a little hard since Hayden is more unique for a girl and we would like their names to sound well together. Finding a Bradley Method birthing class, I really wanted to be all natural with Hayden but wasn't and was still very happy with her birth but 

What I'm reading:

 Not much. However I do find it hilarious that you want to read everything with the first baby. Cannot wait till late night feedings cause I got some serious reading done then. 

xo, Emily