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influential women link-up

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I became a member of the Influence Network  at the start of winter and I have really enjoyed all the facets of the network and all the awesome women involved with it. From the amazing classes to the community that is growing exponentially, I am rewarded so much by being a part of Influence.

Today all members we're asked/invited to link up to get to know one another. So this is me.

three things my influence girls should know about me:

1. I've been a believer for 6 years now but I often still feel 
like a new Christian compared to those around me but
 I am so thankful for my more radical testimony. 
I think it speaks volumes of what our faithful God can do.

2. I never thought it was okay to just be a mom and wife
but now its harder to think about being
anything but those to titles.

3. Its really tiring and frustrating to always be perceived 
as someone much younger than I am, 
not that I'm not young at 25.
I'm just tired of being 18 to those around me, 
especially when I feel 30 or more on the inside.

one valuable thing i've learned from Influence 

That I'm not the only one that yearns for true community